About The Holden Archive

About The Holden Archive!

Hello! It’s been a long but fruitful hiatus, and your girl is back. Like so many blogs, there has been a contextual shift from mostly fashion to all arts. It’s too difficult to write about one and not reference the others. I’m a working artist, my fiancé is a working artist, life is filled with art and I can’t keep it all to myself. While I live in San Francisco and we have a focus on Bay Area artists, inspiration and recognition comes from all over the world.

This is a place where we talk about art. Thanks for visiting.

This is me, emerging from the dark, dark abyss of writers’ block.

Photo: Christina McNeill

Here’s a little more about me (and I’m changing it from the third to first person, you’re welcome):


My professional career in the arts began in writing and painting, but I don’t subscribe to any single media. Current projects include rock’n’roll photography, writing and photography for Urban Air Market, a book-length poem manuscript entitled Catamaran, a collection manuscript, a visual study of nostalgia and public transportation.

Past work includes movie stills for Rob Nilsson's feature film The Steppes, music video cinematography, multimedia painting collaboration with artist Jason Grohman, graphic design for political and literary magazines, electronic projection installation, the co-edited (with Aaron Selverston) bookscape Leviathan, fashion productions and creative direction. Holden was recently the AD for a short fashion film for the San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Network.

I’m interested in: sexual discovery in girlhood, bees, mental illness, pornography, sea-faring vessels, rock’n’roll, urbanity and surrealism.

I was born in Chicago and currently live in San Francisco with my fiancé, musician Ryan Joseph of I Am Animal, Prima (our chihuahua-mutt), and two goldfish, Bianca Jagger and Meepers. 


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